Our History

Erick's history exceeds 100 Years.  The land for Erick was included
in a transfer from Spain to France as part of the Louisiana Purchase
in 1803 under President Thomas Jefferson.  The plot for Erick was
filed at Mangum in Greer County in December 1901.  In September
1902 application was filed on 80 acres which comprised the area of
the original town by Choctaw Townsite & Improvement Company,
consisting of H. E. Bonebrake, J. E. Bonebrake and Beeks Erick, for
whom the town was named.

Erick is proud to be a community of more than 100-year standing in
this great nation.  It has produced many valuable citizens who have
served the USA in countless ways.  Although Erick has  changed
over the years, the vision of its founding fathers still shines through
with great promise through its leaders of today.
The First National Bank in days gone by
Today, it houses the 100th Meridian Museum
Erick High School of Old
Erick High School today
Antiques can still be seen through the windows of
Bonebrake Hardware Co. on Sheb Wooley Blvd.
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